FORTH Innovation Method Cases

Since the publication of the book ‘The Innovation Expedition’ in 2013, the FORTH innovation method has proven to kickstart innovation at organisations in many sectors on every continent of the world. Alongside you find a casebook of 40 successful innovation examples of FORTH in 15 countries for you to download.

In 2020 we took, inspired by the COVID lockdowns, the FORTH innovation methodology also 100% online with tools like Trello, Miro in combination with Zoom and Webex. The online – or hybrid innovation cases of Philip Morris International, Pulse, The Ministry of Security and Justice, NEC and Bruil prove that FORTH also delivers great results while working 100% remote.

Below you can also download each FORTH case individually. We hope these cases inspire you to innovate the successful expedition way too.

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Book 40 FORTH Innovation Case Examples
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The FORTH innovation methodology doubles the effectiveness of your innovation process.

Recent scientific research proves that out of 100 ideas, 78 are taken into development and 51 are introduced, compared to 21 in an average stage-gated process.


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