The FORTH innovation methodology is implemented both ‘live’ as 100% online. And it works in both applications very well. You can train and certify yourself in the FORTH innovation method in two ways. Either by following the next 6-week-online training as certified Online FORTH innovation facilitator, or by entering the next 6-day-live training of the methodology in The Netherlands. When you are operating professionally in a digital setting or for clients in digital sectors, I can recommend the online training. When you, your organization and/or your clients love to work in physical meetings, please register for the ‘live’ training. Check out the dates for the next one, below.

Online FORTH facilitator training

During and after the Corona crisis organisations need to reinvent themselves. At this moment the demand in the market for (FORTH) innovation programmes online is eminent. At the same time, individuals are now more than ever ready and open for online formats to innovate. After experimenting with a FORTH online process of 10 weeks, we concluded it works great, when applied in the right way. We learned though that the critical success factor is that a facilitator masters the online formats, – techniques and – tools. So that’s why we launched this six-week training as certified online FORTH innovation facilitator.

Online FORTH facilitator
At the end of the 6-week training you are certified as an accredited Online FORTH innovation facilitator.

  1. Certification as an Online FORTH innovation facilitators.
  2. A ready-to-use FORTH online toolbox with all virtual templates and time schedules for all FORTH workshops.
  3. A deep understanding of the FORTH innovation methodology.
  4. Practical insights and skills how to work with diverse online tools.
  5. New insights on innovation from LinkedIn Influencer and founder of the methodology Gijs van Wulfen.
  6. Mentioning on the FORTH website as certified FORTH online innovation facilitator.
  7. Access to a valuable network of over 200 certified FORTH facilitators worldwide.
  8. At the end of this training you will feel empowered to deliver a great online FORTH.

The investment for this online training including certification is € 2.750 (exclusive VAT). There are no royalties, or yearly subscription fees to be paid as with other methodologies. FORTH is an ‘open innovation methodology’; free to use for everybody, as my mission is to make everyone in the world a great innovator.

Please download the brochure below, to register for our next course as certified Online FORTH facilitator and email it to Gijs van Wulfen at FORTH innovation.

Download the brochure and book an Online FORTH training

FORTH facilitator training

The 6-day FORTH training is an intensive training by the founder of the method, Gijs van Wulfen, in a group of around 8 people from all over the world where you will learn the essential tools and techniques HOW to start innovation effectively. You will learn from the techniques by doing, as you will facilitate the methodology as of the start of the training yourself. In this way you will learn besides the content of the methodology also how to facilitate it in practice. Training days are intensive from 08:30 – 20:00, followed by a joint dinner. As venue we have chosen a small-scale private conference centre in Lettele, on the countryside in The Netherlands. You will be staying in a luxurious old Dutch farm, where we will be the only group.

The FORTH training gets wonderful reviews:

“A life-enriching experience that prepares you to be a catalyst for innovation in your company or for your clients.” (Magda Ropotan, IKEA Russia);

“An extremely carefully prepared and facilitated training session.” (Mohammed Elhadi, Sudan);

“The perfect week and venue to train your skills and techniques in innovation.” (Mario Kolar, innovation manager, EATON Germany).

FORTH facilitator
At the end of the 6-day training you are certified as an accredited FORTH innovation facilitator. These are the five take-aways from the training:

  1. An intensive 6-day training, in which you will practise the FORTH process, yourself.
  2. An evidence-based effective innovation method.
  3. The FORTH accreditation, which is strictly personal.
  4. A complete digital FORTH toolbox with Maps, templates, examples, checklists in five languages.
  5. Shared innovation knowledge and experiences from all over the world.

The training fee is € 3.250,-. We have made a group arrangement for all drinks, lunches, dinners and a 5 nights stay in the luxurious conference farm ‘Spijkvoorde’ in Lettele the Netherlands, which will cost you additionally € 750,-. So the total costs amount to € 4.000,- (excluding VAT for Dutch facilitators).

Please download the brochure to register for our next course as certified FORTH facilitator September 26th – October 1st, 2021.

Download the brochure and book a FORTH training