The Innovation Expedition

AMAZON Top 3 Bestseller on innovation

Gijs wrote the inspiring innovation bestseller ‘The Innovation Expedition’, a practical toolkit to start innovation. In this book he presents the FORTH innovation methodology, a structured method to start innovation, combining design thinking and business excellence.  

FORTH is an acronym found in the first letter of each of the 5 steps: Full Steam Ahead, Observe & Learn, Raise Ideas, Test Ideas and Homecoming. The methodology is implemented around the world by organisations and companies. Scientific research confirms that the FORTH methodology doubles your innovation effectiveness. In a regular stage-gate innovation process: 37.5% of the screened ideas are launched. In an innovation process, started with the FORTH methodology 77% of the ‘mini new business cases’ are launched. 

‘The Innovation Expedition’ has been published in 8 languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Italian and Dutch.

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Book reviews: The Innovation Expedition

AMAZON.COM: The Innovation Expedition does for innovation what Alexander Osterwalder’s mega bestseller Business Model Generation did for business modelling: it makes a complicated business subject very accessible by telling the story in a visual way and by presenting a method that is tested and works!

Melita Nad (Manager at Western Union): “I love it! I constantly look into it and read bits and pieces. I even took it on holiday with me ;-)” 

Cyriel Kortleven (Speaker on Creativity): “The book is beautifully designed and is a great source of inspiration for the eye and the mind”.

Alan Marson (New-Food Innovation ltd): Great work: a great set of tools for use by individuals and team, one or two of my friends may get this for Christmas.

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The FORTH innovation methodology doubles the effectiveness of your innovation process.

Recent scientific research proves that out of 100 ideas, 78 are taken into development and 51 are introduced, compared to 21 in an average stage-gated process.


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