FORTH Innovation Method Users

The FORTH Innovation Method has proven to double the effectiveness of your innovation process.
The FORTH Innovation process is used by more than hundred organizations, varying from big organizations like 3M, NEC, Huntsman and UNHCR to mid-size companies like Bruil or Regina Coeli. The methodology is applied by service companies, industrial organizations, government and NGO’s. Internal FORTH facilitators are operational at Huntsman (chemicals), NEC (technology), AMMEGA (conveyor belting), NS (Dutch Rail Road), Bruil (building sector), CRH (building sector), Center for Entrepreneur Development and Research (Malaysia), Alfred Health (Hospital Melbourne), GGD (Netherlands) and the UNHCR (NGO). Technology leader NEC from Japan has trained and certified already 16 internal FORTH Innovators.

FORTH Innovation Cases
Click here to download a pdf with 40 successful innovation examples of the proven FORTH Innovation Method in 15 countries. It highlights both offline – as well as 100% online innovation case studies.

“FORTH is one of the best and straightforward methods for helping move through the fuzzy front end of discovery.”

3M (USA; technology innovator), Mrs. Del Langer-Anderson, New Product Development

“We were very satisfied to see that the team managed to create proposals both close to our main business as well as stretching far out, which we otherwise would have not done.”

Schattdecor (Germany; decor paper market leader), Mr. Roland Heeger, CTO

“I was fortunate to witness many of the sessions that eventually lead to 5 mini-business cases and 3 ideas that we are moving forward with immediately.”

Averda (Dubai; waste management services on 3 continents), Mr. Malek Sukkar, CEO

“It was a very exciting journey and exactly in time, 4 mini new business cases were presentend by the team. A great achievement.”

Eska, (The Netherlands; card board market leader). Mr. Kees van Zijderveld, CEO

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The FORTH innovation methodology doubles the effectiveness of your innovation process.

Recent scientific research proves that out of 100 ideas, 78 are taken into development and 51 are introduced, compared to 21 in an average stage-gated process.


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