FORTH Innovation Method

Starting innovation is for many a struggle to master. Studies show that only a quarter of all organisations are effective at the start of innovation. You might recognize some of the struggles in practice:

  1. “Our short-term mindset rules.”
  2. “Our innovation process is unorganized. It’s chaos.”
  3. “We cannot change our habits within the company.”
  4. “We struggle to get inside the head of our customers.”
  5. “There is no support for innovation among my colleagues.”
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The FORTH innovation method has proven to double the effectiveness of your innovation process.
The FORTH innovation process is used both online and ‘live’ by more than hundred organizations, varying from big organizations like 3M, NEC, Huntsman and UNHCR to mid-size companies like Bruil or Regina Coeli. The methodology is applied by service companies, industrial organizations, government and NGO’s. Internal FORTH facilitators are operational at Huntsman (chemicals), NEC (technology), AMMEGA (conveyor belting), NS (Dutch Rail Road), Bruil (building sector), CRH (building sector), Center for Entrepreneur Development and Research (Malaysia), Alfred Health (Hospital Melbourne), GGD (Netherlands) and the UNHCR (NGO). Technology leader NEC from Japan has trained and certified already 16 internal FORTH innovators.

FORTH facilitators


Over the last years more than two hundred online – and ‘live’ FORTH facilitators have been trained by founder Gijs van Wulfen to facilitate the proven method in their organisations or as a consultant for their clients. All facilitators have been trained and certified. The master FORTH facilitators have proven to deliver FORTH results in recent real-life projects and attend our bi-yearly worldwide masterclass updates. Among the facilitators you find both innovation professionals from organisations like NEC, Huntsman and UNHCR, as independent innovation consultants, who you may approach and engage for your own innovation projects.

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FORTH training

The FORTH innovation methodology is implemented both ‘live’ as 100% online. And it works in both applications very well. You can train and certify yourself in the FORTH innovation method in two ways. Either by following the next 6-week-online training as certified Online FORTH innovation facilitator, or by entering the next 6-day-live training of the methodology in The Netherlands. When you are operating professionally in a digital setting or for clients in digital sectors, I can recommend the online training. When you, your organization and/or your clients love to work in physical meetings, please register for the ‘live’ training. Check out the dates for the next one, below.

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The Innovation Expedition

Gijs wrote the inspiring innovation bestseller The Innovation Expedition’, a practical toolkit to start innovation. In this book he presents the FORTHinnovation methodology, a structured method to start innovation, combining design thinking and business excellence. FORTH is an acronym found in the first letter of each of the 5 steps: Full Steam Ahead, Observe & Learn, Raise Ideas, Test Ideas and Homecoming.

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Free downloads

We like you to implement the FORTH innovation methodology yourself, whenever appropriate, as best as you can. That’s why you can download here 20 checklists and formats to be used during the workshops on your innovation expedition. You can download too the FORTH innovation map in eleven languages, to find the right way during your journey and to inspire others.

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The FORTH innovation methodology doubles the effectiveness of your innovation process.

Recent scientific research proves that out of 100 ideas, 78 are taken into development and 51 are introduced, compared to 21 in an average stage-gated process.


Are you looking for an effective ideation process? Contact us for a meeting about the effective FORTH Innovation Method to jump start innovation.